Lesson 4: Things to consider before integrating Shopify and Vend

Things to consider before integrating Shopify and Vend

In this lecture I will discuss the key considerations you must make before integrating Shopify and Vend. These include:


I recommend completing the course over two weeks (10 business days). Be prepared to spend between 1-2 hours per day on the course to get the most out of it.

Despite my recommendation, the course is entirely self-paced, so if you are prepared to focus on this migration more intensively then you can complete the migration much faster. For me, when I provide a migration service to a client I aim for a one to two day turnaround time, so the speed at which you work at is entirely up to you!


It is really important to remember that this process isn't entirely hands-off. You will need to make sure that you have access to pictures and product descriptions (if you don't have these on Vend at the moment), and when migrating to Shopify you will have the choice between a free or premium theme.

Please factor in the time and cost of getting materials together for your products, as well as any out of pocket expenses. As a general piece of advice your out of pocket expenses should be under $300.

Platform differences

Although Vend and Shopify sync together and integrate there are a few slight differences. The biggest of these is how promotions are run. When using Shopify you cannot use price books to offer sales. I will get into the nuances of this in section four, lecture 17.


Do not lose sight of the benefits that will come out of this at the end of the day! Having a great website is a crucial aspect of succeeding online, and you will even find benefits for your retail store too. This whole process can be an eye-opening experience whereby you engage with your customers and staff to enhance your whole business. Don't think of this as just "building a website". This is a chance to invigorate your business, increase sales, engage with new customers, and take a step closer to your goals.

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