Lesson 22: Order fulfilment and payment processing

Order fulfilment and payment processing

Now that your website is live you will need to know how to fulfil an order inside Shopify. Fulfilment is the process of picking, packing, and sending a product to a customer. While doing this, there are a few essential steps to complete inside Shopify.

All new orders will appear inside the "Orders" screen in Shopify, and the "Sales Ledger" in Vend. The only step you need to take is inside Shopify.

To fulfil an order, select it inside Shopify. This will show you a screen with all of the customer details, the products purchased, and the order timeline.

When you are ready to fulfil the order select "Mark as fulfilled". You can then add the order tracking number, and select which products from the order you are fulfilling. You can split a fulfilment by going through the same steps, but by only selecting the products you are fulfilling at that time.

More information about fulfilling orders can be found by clicking here.


If you need to refund an order, open it up in Shopify and select the refund button. Add a reason, select the product to restock, and authorise the refund.

This will not add the stock back into Vend. To add the stock back into Vend, complete the steps above, and then go to the "Sales History" in Vend.

Find the order inside Vend (the Shopify order number is the same as the receipt number in Vend). You should then proceed to refund the order in Vend in the same way as any other refund. You must ensure that the refund is put back into the "Shopify Sales" payment method we setup earlier. Even if the customer paid by credit/debit card, all Shopify transactions in Vend must go through this payment method.

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