Lesson 23: Diagnosing common problems

Diagnosing common problems

This lesson is a quick reference to help you solve some of the common problems I have seen people experience after launching their site. Use this as a preparation exercise to stay ahead of any issues, or simply park this lesson and come back to it if you find it useful in the future.

FAQ 1: A problem selling into a negative amount

If this happens it is most likely due to a setting that allows overselling. By default this is turned off, so it is unlikely you will experience this yourself unless you have turned the option on.


To fix this, simply open the product up and ensure "Continue selling when out of stock" is turned off. If you run multiple outlets in Vend FAQ 3 may also provide another cause for this issue.

FAQ 2: A change made to a product in Vend isn't appearing in Shopify

This is rare, but can occasionally happen. In almost every case the change will be sent to Shopify within two hours. If it hasn't come in after two hours re-edit the product and check back in 10 minutes. If the change still isn't coming through, it would be a good idea to ticket Vend Support to see if there is something else going on.

FAQ 3: How to solve multi-store fulfilment

Even when you have multiple outlets in Vend connected to Shopify, all orders will be sent to the outlet where your Shopify register is located, regardless of the stock at that outlet.

If you have stock located elsewhere, you will need to create a stock transfer in Vend from the second outlet back to your main outlet.

You can still actually send the product from the second outlet straight to the customer. The stock transfer is purely for tidying up Vend. Make sure to keep records on these stock transfers and where the products are actually going to ensure everything is traceable in the future.

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