Lesson 3: An example process to migrate to Shopify

An example process to migrate to Shopify

Knowing what to do, and when to do it, is crucial to success, especially in an important project like this.

My example process is based on between 1-2 hours per day for 10 days total.

At a high level the process involves:

  1. Preparing for the migration
  2. Integrating Vend and Shopify
  3. Building your Shopify website
  4. Continuous improvement

The biggest roadblocks from my experience are inconsistent or poorly formatted products in Vend, a lack of high-quality images for projects, and not being ready to use both systems together. Notice how these problems are not related to building a website! I honestly believe that if we spend some extra time together getting the foundations right from the beginning, the process will be easier, more beneficial, and less stressful. Hang in there; the next few videos are all going to relate to getting around those roadblocks. After that, the process of building your website is going to be a breeze, and hopefully enjoyable, too!

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