Lesson 20: Website checklist & Marketing plan

Website checklist & Marketing plan

Now that we are close to launching your new website, it is incredibly important to review your site and ensure it meets a few basic requirements.

This lesson has two different videos, the first is a short explainer on the essential requirements you need to check your site against and how to test them. You can then test yourself using the quiz function at the bottom of this lesson, or use the list in our shared Trello board. 

Once you have passed the checklist, it is time to put the wheels in motion for launch! That is covered in the next lesson, but if you haven't built a marketing plan yet then check out the video and template below before proceeding. You can download and print the PDF, or edit it online using this Google Doc link.

If you haven't done an in-depth strategy or marketing plan before I highly recommend watching the marketing plan video. It is optional, as far as the purpose of this course, but if you can spare the time I highly recommend viewing it and implementing my recommendations.

As always, the content I provide isn't exhaustive, so if you are looking for more resources on putting together a marketing plan or checking your site, check out these links:

Website checklist video

Marketing plan video

Shopify Website Launch - Marketing Plan Template.pdf
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